Founded in 1997, Learned Winner Enterprises made huge contribution to the group over the collection of market information, development of new products and proving innovative ideas. The prime objectives were to achieve the highest profits with lowest costs in the fiercely competitive and ever changing market.

In addition to the development of Nylon Tactel, Supplex and Construction Fabrics, Learned Winner successfully develops Bamboo Charcoal and Bamboo Fiber Fabrics, and markets them as well.In collaborate with Lenzing Co., we also works on developing many products such as Tencel and Modal.

In order to improve environmental protection for earth, LW cooperate with Li Peng Co., another subsidary company within the same Group, to develop Recycle Polyester Fabrics. Based on various products, LW hopes that the company can establish its reputation and meet the market's need.

Meanwhile, to enable customers to have more confidence to cooperate with us, we have already successfully passed OKO-TEX Certification in 2001 making our products to comprise more outlook of global quality.

Main Products

  • Environment Protect
    ‧Re-Pet polyester knits
    ‧Lenzing Tencel Fabrics
    ‧Lenzing Modal Fabrics
  • Special Function
    ‧Keep Warm: Bamboo Charcoal Knit, Nano Red Knits, Nano Red finished Fabrics.
    ‧Anti-Bacterial: Bamboo Knit, Silver ion Knits, Anti-bacterial finished Fabrics.
    ‧Wicking: Coolmax Knits, Coolbest Knits, Secotec Knits, CIBA & 3M Wicking dyes finished Fabrics.
    ‧UV-cut: Polyester Full Dull Knits, Nylon Full Dull knits, UV-Cut finished.
  • Polar Fleece, Sports Fabrics
  • Special Post-Processing. Including Suede Effect, Peaching, shearing Jacquard, Brushing, Embroidery and other Techniques
  • Lace, Mesh, Printed & Plain Dyed
  • High Denior, Filament Knits


In recent years, the cooperation with international brand firms such as H&M, WOOLWORTHS, OTTO, SPEEDO, VAUDE, KOHL’S, ASICS and SCOTT enables our company’s products marketing to various regions around the world via different channels, this has greatly upgraded the reputation the Enterprises.